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HelloPayments is proud to be your local SpotOn dealer. We cover everything from installation, service, maintenance, and post-install support. While others are operating from a help desk in some far away time zone, we’re dedicated to providing your business all the support it needs whenever it needs it.

eCommerce Solutions

Ecommerce sales hit an amazing 2.4 trillion dollars worldwide in 2018. Your online store has the potential to not only keep current with the trends and changes, but also, become the platform that stands out from your competition. Customers come back when they have an outstanding experience. Keep them coming back.

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Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal Solution (VT) is made for retail, restaurant, municipalities, non-profit, mail/phone order or Internet merchants with both real-time and batch payment transaction needs. The HelloPayments Solution seamlessly processes Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express™, Discover®, Diners®, and JCB® cards. In addition to credit card solutions, we can also handle your ACH transactions and recurring payments.

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