Our digital invoicing feature is intuitive and configurable.  Products can be imported or manually input before sending.  The invoice can be created for one time payments as well as a deposit with a corresponding payment plan.  Create simple invoices or complex invoices, depending upon your account receivables needs.  The invoicing tool is capable of capturing level II and level III data to reduce the overall effective rate of accepting cards and helping to ensure your customer understands the bill along with all the relates taxes, etc.


We have created our invoicing tool to be configurable for both small and large merchants alike.  Our system is able to deliver invoices through SMS and email where the payer can authenticate the payment.  The workflow and it’s architecture were designed from the ground up to be a system which always positions the payer to initiate the transaction creating a digital fingerprint.  We have added simple KYC and OFAC technologies to help ensure the identity of the payer before the transaction is accepted.

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