HelloPayments is proud to be your local SpotOn dealer. We cover everything from installation, service, maintenance, and post-install support. While others are operating from a help desk in some far away time zone, we’re dedicated to providing your business all the support it needs whenever it needs it.


On the fly

OnTheFly restaurant point of sale system offers a very clean user experience for counter service, simple retail requirements and fast bars.  The system is very quick extremely intuitive and offers a broad spectrum of unique differentiators including native KDS.



Retail Cloud

RetailCloud is one of the most reputable cloud based retail management offerings in the marketplace to date.  Strong reporting and excels with enterprise merchant demands.  With a suite of modules, the company is able to create highly configurable features to meet your specific retail needs.  Give us a call and we would be happy to demo the system for you.


Sound Payments

SoundPayments is a long standing partner of ours at HelloPayments.  Sound POS uses PAX devices as they primary android application deployment.  The system is very stable and will scale with your company as it’s demands grow.



Ovvi has a number of strong aspects, including the fact that it offers both Retail and restaurant tablet based, front operations.  With inventory management for in store and online alike, along with self-service kiosks, the application is well suited for many complex use cases.  Ovvi is an on prem solution and very easy to work with.

Payroll Solutions


Magnify Payroll

Our Partners at Magnify are best in class when it comes to their payroll offering.  They are seasoned professionals and will show your company how to increase efficiency in the management of your payroll runs along with a myriad of other strategic advantages.


First Merchant

First Merchant comes to you from a long-standing payroll perspective.  Their goal is to simplify and automate the payroll experience for their merchants.  They are highly in tune with market requirements.

Dispensary solutions



A turn key compliant dispensary solution.  Layers in seed to sale compliance and offers a payment solution which enables electronic payments in a secure, reliable, time tested approach.

Petroleum solutions


Petro Pros

Petro Pros offer decades of experience in evaluating and installing petroleum solutions, including all of your C store needs.

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