Our platform is Level 1 PCI compliant.  We undergo routine scans and maintain our PCI DSS compliance as a certified payment application through third party validation.  Our team is primarily focused upon security.  When we enable a new feature or create a new API for the transmission of data, the primary goal is to keep the data safe and secure before, during and after it is transmitted.  We are proud to report that we have never been breached to date and are constantly innovating to ensure that our system is keeping ahead of the ever present threat of hackers and ransomware.


We control for authentication using the standard AVS and CVC prompts, but we also have several configurable settings which empower the merchant to throttle the volume associated with their transactions in terms of frequency and amount.  We also can geographically prevent authorization based upon IP address.  These settings are entirely configurable based upon the merchant and acquirer risk parameters.

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