Secure, real-time access and compliant are our pillars for innovation.  We have poured our resources into building a product which is fully accessible via our APIs, but also has robust features available within our portals.

We are focused enabling our resellers with the tools and features which will empower them to be and remain competitive within an ever increasing list of demands to be on par with the competition.  We offer card present, card not present level II and level III support.  Our EMV compliant integrated hardware vendors allow for customer initiated payments in a face to face environment where the merchant is empowered to stand their ground in the process of chargeback claims.

Our platform offers surcharging through technology logic as well as vetted vendor relationships on the backend to allow for real-time reporting and accurate reconciliation.  In summary, HelloPayments offers a seamless merchant experience for credit and debit card transactions, US ACH, worldwide SMS and email notifications.  Based on proper authorization and settlement, our intelligent transaction routing maximizes approvals and reduces downgraded transactions and enables surcharging as needed.  Get instant update notifications from every major network for up-to-date cardholder information.